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Who Is Using Ripple? A Comprehensive List Of Ripples Partnerships

Who Is Using Ripple? A Comprehensive List Of Ripples Partnerships
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It’s tricky, in fact it’s almost impossible, trying to keep track of which companies are endorsing which avenues of the Ripple system. Let’s remember that ‘Ripple’ is not the currency specifically, more the brand behind a few different initiatives that aim to provide a cross border payments solution, Ripples portfolio includes the following products: xCurrent this is Ripples enterprise software that allows for cross-border payments between banks etc. xRapid is a solution for payment providers and institutions who want to improve their customers experience, this is powered by XRP. xVia, allows payments to be sent across various networks with the addition of invoices and other data. XRP, this is Ripples flagship currency, it’s available on a wealth of exchanges and is currently valued at $0.51, at the time of writing. The current news-sphere is rife with rumours about Ripples partnerships and work along side other corporations and banks, to settle some rumours, YouTuber Thinking Crypto has created a quick review in which he highlights some of the bigger partnerships and most importantly, highlights which companies are using which systems. See the video for yourself, here- The data has been compiled by and is presented on a spreadsheet which you can read for yourself, here- Here’s some of the stand out partnerships for us: The Bank of England, testing xCurrent as of March 2017. The Royal Bank of Scotland, tested xCurrent in 2015, no further progression recorded. MoneyGram, testing both xCurrent and xRapid as of January 2018. Santander, testing xRapid and using xCurrent as of November 2017. BBVA, using xCurrent as of April 2017. There are also a number of other organisations already using XRP, these include: Asia MTM, We Make Price, Selly, Bichip and FlashFX. This document is really useful, if you’re wanting to carry out a deep qualitative analysis of Ripple’s current form and progression, equally the video by Thinking Crypto adds some useful dialogue to the document. Why is this useful? Well, in the wake of all of the rumours surrounding Ripple, it is useful to know which have already been confirmed, which are in the works and which are complete nonsense as ultimately, these rumours and partnerships will affect the price of XRP in the future and will affect the integrity of Ripples other services. If you are interested, head to the Ripple info website for some real, partial evidence that will help you to build your own picture of Ripple, where it is and where it is going. Featured Image Original Source: Pixabay

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