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What Does This Tweet From The Litecoin Foundation Mean?

What Does This Tweet From The Litecoin Foundation Mean?
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Does your business accept #Litecoin? Message us for a chance to be included in a cool project we are working on Seems fairly benign right? What on earth could this cool project be? When I first saw this tweet, I instantly jumped to the conclusion that this is LitePay 2.0, however now the more I think about it, the more confused I get. Just to back track, we know the initial LitePay launch failed. Litecoin hoped to have cryptocurrency adoption nailed down using LitePay for real life transactions. Overall though, it was complicated and it was political, it led to a collapse in Litecoins value. Generally, it didn’t ring well the Litecoin community on the whole. At best, it was damaging. Now rumours are starting to surface that state Litecoin and the Litecoin Foundation are working on a relaunch of LitePay. Realistically this would be both beneficial for the community and would also help the team recover from the damage done by the first failed launch, that is assuming LitePay 2.0 launches successfully, it could of course fail all over again. We do know that there is a big team working behind the scenes at Litecoin, a team that are capable of improving and relaunching the LitePay project. This time however I suspect special measures will be put in place to ensure that the mistakes made last time are not made again. Hopefully, Charlie Lee resonates this sentiment throughout all at Litecoin. Hopefully he doesn’t sell off his new Litecoin assets before then too… So, this tweet from the Litecoin foundation, what could it be? If it includes businesses, independent businesses I assume then it must have something to do with Litepay payments being integrated into real life settings. Although, this already takes place, so, what makes this new ‘cool project’ unique? This is why I believe it must have something to do with LitePay, it must be more community based than just a project that aims to get more merchants to accept Litecoin. The subtle nature of the tweet also seems to suggest that they don’t want to cause a huge hype, incase further disappointment follows. Either way, we should all keep our eyes on the Litecoin foundation now. Whilst LitePay 2.0 might be a while off and indeed, it could fail once more, I do believe this is a sign that at least something is in the works.

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