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Ripple XRP's Codius Is About To Be Re-Born And Could Be The Next Big Thing
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Ripple XRP's Codius Is About To Be Re-Born And Could Be The Next Big Thing

Reports out this afternoon are discussing the re-emergence of a programme established by Ripple which in turn phased out in 2015. The project, involved a smart contract platform was phased out in 2015 on the premise that the cryptocurrency market at the time was too immature. Named Codius, the project acted as a platform through which other creators and programmers could built and distribute decentralised applications on. Codius offered an easy to use and seamless platform that promised to change the future of cryptocurrency. However, due to concerns regarding the size of the markets at the time, the project was scrapped. 2018 however, will see the re-emergence of a brand new, re-born Codius, according to reports from Ethereum World News. According to Ethereum World News:
“Codius has been a long running project that was revived once Interledger was introduced to the crypto-verse. Completion of the beta testing and release of the final platform would definitely be what the crypto-verse needs in terms of secure and fast smart contracts that can communicate with other blockchains using Interledger. This is essentially critical with the current Ethereum Smart Contracts being proven to having security bugs and vulnerabilities. Codius will provide the much needed better and safer alternative.”
The Codius website is now live once again, although it is still in it’s Beta phase. You can see it for yourself, here- So, what will happen with this? Well, this adds another arm onto the body of Ripple. Alongside xRapid, xCurrent, xVia and XRP, Ripple are building a portfolio of services that can be used within a wide range of industries. Codius is slightly detached from the rest of Ripple’s operations at the moment, but remember this is still in its Beta phase, therefore future integration of Ripple technology into the Codius platform is expected. Codius is offering yet another channel for cryptocurrency adoption through creating a simple and easy to use smart contract service that can essentially run itself. According to Codius:
“Codius is an open hosting protocol. It makes it very easy to upload a program, whether you want it to run on one host or thousands. It also has built-in billing. That means once a program is uploaded, anyone can pay to keep it running — the author, the users and even the program itself.”
This programme has very powerful implications that could prove to be a really essential part of Ripple’s future. By allowing independent people and entities to get involved, Ripple and Codius are paving a way for full Ripple adoption into other smart contracting services, expanding the research of their product and most importantly, giving more people access to XRP, the currency that Ripple are driving into the future. Featured Image Original Source: Pixabay

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