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Ripple Rising Up, A Surge Now Could Be Huge For XRP

Ripple Rising Up, A Surge Now Could Be Huge For XRP
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This morning in a strange turn of events, Ripple seems to be racing ahead of rivals Bitcoin and Ethereum in what seems to be the start of a big run for the markets overall. With Ripple making great progress from the outset, this does suggest that should a big run take place, we could see Ripple rake in some rampant value over the next few days. Of course, a bull run is not confirmed, it can’t be confirmed, but the crypto-sphere is rife with discussion about it, suggesting that something could happen soon. At the time of writing, Ripple is valued at $0.71, up 5.33%. This post $0.70 figure is very significant, not only because it is a sign of Ripples progress but it also acts as a benchmark through which Ripple is creeping ever closer to its initial $1.00 target. Of course, the real price Ripple needs to be aiming at is $3.00, however, $0.70, leading through to $1.00 is a key indicator that this could happen. Well, I say that, but many investors and fans of Ripple do hope to see XRP reach the $10.00 eventually, although we may be some time off that yet. Ripple are making serious ground towards cryptocurrency adoption, the healthy price of XRP at the moment comes off the back of continuous good news coming out of the Ripple camp. Partnerships galore, integration with over 40 central banks and of course latest news regarding Santander, Western Union and Apple have helped to mobilise some very healthy movements for XRP and the rest of Ripple’s services. This recent tweet by the Ripple team seems to sum up their ethos very well. The second-era of the internet is a modest theme, on in which Ripple, Bitcoin and Ethereum together are very much working towards. Many people would argue however that out of the three leaders, Ripple seem to be making the most impressive tracks towards establishing a second-era internet, through their constant strive for adoption and integration of their key services. So, bearing in mind the recent good form of Ripple and the possibility of another market surge, the pairing of the two would see the value of Ripple sky rocket. Like I have said, we can’t guarantee that a surge will happen, and to be fair, before it happens Ripple could drop off this current trajectory, meaning a surge would have less of an impact. Although, as it stands, with Ripple performing significantly better than its rivals, a surge would give XRP a real advantage, going into the weekend. The start of next week could bring us even closer to that $1.00 target, but likewise, the speculation could be just that, speculation. Just remember, any investment decisions you make, should be based upon grounded research. Cryptocurrency is volatile and speculation can throw you off the scent. Do your work and trade safe!

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