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Could A NEO Bull Run Be On The Horizon

Could A NEO Bull Run Be On The Horizon
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The crypto-sphere is rife with speculation at the moment, NEO seems to be at the front of it all. I would assume this is both down too it’s optimistic community and of course, due to its great performance as of the past few weeks. Before we begin, let us see how NEO stands at the moment, after another weekend of seemingly good progress. At the time of writing, NEO stands at $87.66 and is up 12.61%. This weekend saw NEO peak at $94.76 after a huge rise from $76.65. The proximity of NEO to its initial target value of $100.00 is contributing to rounds of excitement, in which experts are expecting a bull run to occur sooner, rather than later. Assuming NEO can maintain itself over the $85.00 threshold then $100.00 will be a breeze for this growing currency. After $100.00, investors will indeed start to get very excited given that from then onwards, NEO will be on a keen trajectory towards its peak value of $196.85, as recorded in January. Perhaps, we will even see NEO hit $200.00 by the end of the year? Much of this is driven by speculation, however speculation can be reinforced by facts and figures. And, indeed, the figures do suggest that NEO is on its way upwards. We must consider that NEO as a currency has recently been overtaken by TRON in terms of its market capitalisation. Though at present the difference between the two factions is close, therefore NEO can pull it back should their run of good luck continue. At the time of writing, NEO has a market cap of $5,659,842,500, compared to TRON, which has a market cap of $5,976,963,585. If indeed there is another bull run on the horizon for NEO then, assuming the $85.00 threshold is maintained then we should see NEO hit $100.00 with ease. Assuming the surge maintains a steady pace, perhaps even a value as high as $125.00 is realistic. We do believe however it could take some time before we see NEO hitting $150.00 plus. This in theory will require a more market wide surge, although, this too is quite possible. Featured Image Original Source: Pixabay

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