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How The First Quarter Has Affected Ripple

This year so far, has been a testing one for Ripple. They have been placing a lot of focus on gaining new partners. These partnerships are aiming to get XRP into everyday transactions; however these are still in the testing phase right now.

Although it has not necessarily some low points for Ripple this year, there have also been some things to celebrate. In terms of volume, this first quarter has actually been the most successful fro XRP, moving $160 billion worth this quarter alone. This increase is thanks to being listed on many more exchanges. They are currently listed on 60 worldwide exchanges, which means that investors from across the globe can easily invest in Ripple. Experts have predicted that this will only continue to expand throughout the year.

Also in the first quarter, we saw 3 billion XRP being released from escrow accounts, but 2.7 billion were put back into new escrow accounts, leaving 300 million to be added to the marketplace. It has been predicted that Ripple will likely release more XRP this year, but they are doing it in a sensible way, and only when the market has a real need for it.  One expert advised investors to use this quiet time when the price is stable to work out exactly what it is that you want from investing in Ripple.

Instead of looking at the falling price, and seeing it as a negative, we should actually be thinking about how this is setting us up for the future. With the new partnerships that have been formed, things are actually looking like they are on the up for Ripple. Big partners are testing their new system that allows individuals to move money across the border much more easily. Banks are not always the answer, as they can take a chunk of what you are trying to send, so this really could be the solution. The X Via system, is completely seamless and cost effective, making it the perfect choice.

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