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Ever Considered Knowingly Donating Your Processing Power To Miners?
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Ever Considered Knowingly Donating Your Processing Power To Miners?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies present a number of great benefits to society, on a grand and international scale. Charity, is one such area, and indeed, one such area that I have a particular interest in. As a psychologist by trade, I am intrigued by how cryptocurrency may offer an ‘easy’ solution for people to part with cryptocurrency, in order to aid charity and provide charitable donations. Moreover, cryptocurrency doesn’t just mean physical donations and indeed, now it does seem that one large international charity have caught onto this, having developed a new method for processing power donations, which in turn, will allow the charity to mine the blockchain through your computer, generating income for them, at very little cost to yourself (other than perhaps an increase in energy bills). The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is a UN based project which provides humanitarian aid to children and their mothers in developing countries. The charity of course is one of the biggest in the world, with an estimated revenue of around $5Billion. Now, UNICEF are spearheading a movement which will see computer processing power donated via a web page, which will be used by the charity to mine cryptocurrencies in order to help fund their services. The webpage, also known as The HopePage, can be found here- The HopePage uses a simple interface which allows the user to donate a portion of their computers processing power for as long as the web page is open, meaning users can opt in and opt out at their own rate. Moreover, users can select how much they wish to donate, meaning power consumption can be adjusted accordingly. You can donate as little as 20%, or as much as 80% of your computers processing power. The Australian branch of UNICEF are the first group to use this technology, therefore anyone using The HopePage will automatically be donating to UNICEF Australia’s causes. I think this is incredible and a frank way for charity to generate income through blockchain and cryptocurrency. It simply asks for a small donation of time and effort. Of course, increased power consumption will increase your energy bills, but perhaps with this in mind, you can use it as an excuse to motivate yourself to try and save power elsewhere. It is vital that charity, keeps up with the technological revolution and it is important that they find new ways to make donations even easier. Many of us will often ponder why we don’t donate to charity as much as we would like to, generally, it’s because we can't afford to. New platforms like this however put the control back in your hands. Its a pressure-free, hassle-free way in which you may be able to make a small difference. Mathematically speaking, lots of people making small differences, certainly equates to a big difference, right?

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