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The Crypto Refresh April 27th
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The Crypto Refresh April 27th

Rejoice! The Crypto Daily Crypto Refresh is back! Every Friday we like to sit down and trawl through the news to bring you a concise version of events. As ever, we have had a fantastic week. The markets have taken a tumble after a great start, but now all seems back to normal. The news has been hot and we have been all over it. Here’s a quick reminder of our adventures this week- Verge PornHub Announcement, Damage control has failed Last week we saw Verge announce their new highly anticipated partners. The announcement of PornHub however totally flunked, with the community left feeling a little flaccid to say the least (honestly, no pun intended). Since the announcement, Verge has made very little progress and still continues to hang around a less than impressive value of $0.073, given the circumstances, this does suggest Verge have a lot of work to do before they can really contain the fallout here. Bitcoin Cash Retail Payments Yes, Bitcoin Cash retail payments through BitPay have gone live, giving real life shops the opportunity to start accepting Bitcoin Cash as a payment option by using BitPay terminals. This is most exciting for the simple fact is it a huge step in the right direction for Bitcoin Cash, the currency that wants to spearhead the mainstream adoption movement. This news has seen Bitcoin Cash rake in value, as we speak, it is up 6.65%, moving up to a stunning value of $1,500.00. The Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Association So, Japanese exchanges have now established a new project which has been designed to secure the regulation of exchanges under the rule of the Financial Services Agency in Japan. As the FSA are clamping down on data security and on exchange operations, a number of exchanges operating in the country have now adopted a new board, through which they aim to work together to make crypto-trading a safer place for their customers. Stellar Stellar has been the start of the week, closely followed by EOS of course. Stellar has played a large part in the recent MobileCoin ICO, which has provided Stellar a platform for further ICO integration. Rumours now suggest that maybe with the recent success of MobileCoin, Stellar could spearhead a movement towards providing a safer, more guaranteed ICO platform for startups. This news, has helped Stellar maintain a double figure ascent for some time now. MyEtherWallet Hack In less optimistic news, around $140,000.00 worth of Ethereum was stolen in a hack on MyEtherWallet. It is predicted that around 200 coins were seized. The attack on MyEtherWallets DNS servers redirected unsuspecting victims to a phishing website which in turn lifted the private data needed to access wallets and lift assets. This is yet another instance of a single vulnerability being exploited that has left customers out of pocket. Ripple Announce Snoop Dogg as headliner for community event Yep, and you can win tickets to the event too, check out their Twitter page - @Ripple Mt. Gox Coin Dump Mt. Gox have made headlines again, this time as a result of a large coin dump, which has now been used to blame the market decline which we saw through Wednesday and Thursday of this week. The dump, which seems to have taken place on public cryptocurrency exchanges looks to have driven down the value of Bitcoin for a period of time, encouraging the rest of the market to follow suit. We do now seem to be at the latter end of this, either way though, this has sparked some controversy. Santander to use xRapid too Rumours have surfaced that state Santander (who are currently using xCurrent within their OnePayFX money transfer app) will now start to integrate xRapid into their systems. How long will it be before XRP becomes an option for Santander? I think that sums it up quite nicely. We have had a very busy week, honestly, it’s never ending, that is the essence of cryptocurrency. The trends are point towards something exciting, experts are predicting another bull run, there's only a few days left of April so maybe we will have to wait until May now, either way though, there is a sense of anticipation in the air at the moment, an anticipation that seems to be inextinguishable.

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