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Singapore Skyline View Crypto Daily, the home of blockchain economy, the latest news, an open community and, the home of all things crypto. Established by a small group of UK based crypto-enthusiasts, our passion for the industry and our commitment to the cause, brings us to today, a time which promises to be the most vital to our ongoing development. As we expand our universe, we aim to expand yours, bringing you better content than ever, more news, more knowledge and of course, more crypto. Skyscrapers During The Day Our home hub, is also now available on the Google Play Store and, most recently, we our proud to announce the release of our brand new iOS app. Our further expansions will see brand new projects take off, covering all walks of the crypto-sphere, from high impact merch to ground-breaking collaborations and international development, the Crypto Daily you see now, is just the start. Woman Wearing Crypto Daily T Shirt The extent of our expansion is complimented by the launch of our brand new office, on the cosmopolitan Temasek Boulevard in the Suntec City Tower 2, Singapore. The office will house an extra branch of our ever growing team, moving our operations from an immediate UK base, into an area which many believe will become the cryptocurrency capital of the world. Through this, our work rate increases and of course, so does our coverage. Our international expansion will bring is into a new era, giving us access to cutting edge utilities which will drive Crypto Daily past all competitors. We believe transparency is important, so are now focusing new efforts on improving our online translation service, offering high quality news, across a wealth of tongues and languages. Woman Wearing Crypto Daily T Shirt Everybody has the right to learn about cryptocurrency and the blockchain economy. It is an international asset, something we respect and something we want to teach the whole world about. As a result, Crypto Daily is the spearhead of a multi-lingual movement that promises to bring cryptocurrency education, to all. As a movement, we are far from veterans. As new faces to the scene however we have made the most incredible progression. Our international partnerships promise so much more, not just to us, but to our users, or collaborators and to the committed individuals driving us forward.  2018, thus far has seen the true establishment of our brand, the launch of our new office and the inception of our international movement. 2019, 2020 and beyond, really does hold a wealth of opportunity for Crypto Daily, something which we want you to be a part of. Whilst we expand and whilst we grow, we strive to continue to be the best, we strive to continue bringing you the best news and, the best content. We promise, to make your cryptocurrency experience, fruitful and above all, worthwhile. Join our revolution, bookmark our page, download the app. Crypto Daily, the Home of Blockchain Economy Crypto Daily Pte Ltd, Suntec City Tower 2, 7th Floor, AR01, 9, Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038989, Registered Number: 201812719R Download Crypto Daily on The App Store Download Crypto Daily on The Google Play Store  

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