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Correction Over As Bitcoin, Ethereum And Ripple Make Further Gains

Correction Over As Bitcoin, Ethereum And Ripple Make Further Gains
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The weekend’s positivity need not let up just yet. As we awoke this morning the markets seemed to be engaging with a significant decline. Just last week, we saw similar evasion happen on Wednesday, through to Thursday. The decline was initially blamed on correction, however it later transpired that this was down to a Mt. Gox coin dump. This had of course aroused suspicions into the market behaviour today, was this correction or was this something more deadly? Well, due to the current state of things, I think we can now confirm that this was indeed correction and that, at present, there is at least nothing more sinister at play. So, how are things looking now? At the time of writing, we are seeing some positive trends take over, the majority of major currencies are up and those that were down significantly, are now on the way towards positive gradients, something that we should expect to see going into this evening. Bitcoin is valued at $9,299.95 and is up 0.50%, making steady tracks to $10,000.00. Ethereum is valued at $688.56 and is up 2.02%, making further progression to $700.00, a figure not seen since the middle of March 2018. Ripple is valued at $0.853 and is up 0.51%, thus far Ripple is struggling to breach the $0.90 mark, hopefully this will change soon enough. Bitcoin Cash is valued at $1,401.21 and is up 0.63%, with another hard fork looming, this is expected to prove to be quite a volatile currency over the next few weeks, hopefully though once Bitcoin Cash hits the $1,500.00 mark, it’s volatility will subside, allowing it to maintain that value. EOS is valued at $19.13 and is down 5.51%, this is of course expected in light of EOS reaching its highest ever recorded value over the weekend, whilst some selling is occurring, it would be wrong to assume EOS is going to stop here, progression is expected as its negative decline seems to be tailing off. Since the major currencies are now taking a turn upwards, the rest of the market is looking to follow on. TRON and NEO are still making huge gains of 11.44% and 10.32% respectively at the time of writing, if this continues then the race for 9th place will indeed rage on. Through the rest of today, we should keep a close eye on the markets, this upwards trend may tail back off with further correction expected. However, this trend may also continue, pushing figures up even further as we enter May, wouldn’t that give us a sense of optimism to start the summer season off with?

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