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$100,000’s Spent On Promoting Alt-Coins On Twitter

Despite Twitter recently announcing that they are banning all cryptocurrency related advertisements, it has not been revealed that over $100,000 is being spent on promoting altcoins on the popular social media site.

The man behind this is technology pioneer John McAfee, who announced that he is planning on charging new cryptocurrency start ups a huge $100,000 per tweet in order for them to promote their new digital coins to his followers on social media.

This new venture has been named the McAfee Crypto Team, and is a way for founders of Initial Coin Offerings to promote their currency. It is a great way for these new ventures to be promoted, as McAfee has a large following – over 810,000 to be precise, but there is a big price to pay for this advertisement, and that is in the form of a hefty price tag, as he is charging precisely $105,000 per update.

He previously held the position of chief cybersecurity visionary at the US based MGT Capital Investments at the beginning of this year, but has continued his focus into the world of cryptocurrency. He has often used his personal accounts across social media platforms to promote the more little known altcoins, so this new venture seemed like the natural follow on. Speaking about his new venture, he wrote on his Twitter profile;

“We finally wrote down how our promotional tweets work…It’s self aggrandizing and ego stroking for us, however, if you’re planning an ICO, trying to boost a coin or want to shine a light on your latest project, you should overlook our swollen egos and see.”

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