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Stellar Is Set For A Fantastic Year Ahead

Stellar Is Set For A Fantastic Year Ahead
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Despite not showing much growth over the last couple of weeks, Stellar has experts predicting that it could break above $0.40 and have a great year ahead, and here is why. Stellar has had a number of recent achievements and partnerships, and can be broken down into four different categories; XLM enthusiasts, for developers and entrepreneurs, for financial institutions and partners and for token projects. They have also announced that their native token will be listed on one for the largest social trading platforms, eToro. This will help push XLM to a much bigger market, thanks to them having a client base of over 6 million. This push in the market will improve their overall market awareness, which is a current problem. They have also been adopted by Bluepan, who describes themselves as being the largest remittance service for migrant workers in Asia who are operating on the blockchain. Working closely with Stellar will enable migrant workers to send money to loved one overseas, much cheaper and quicker when compared to conventional ways. On top of this, they are also becoming a top contender as an ICO platform, for tokens like Nezly and Tides. These are just two examples of the highly innovative projects with Stellar. The cryptocurrency market is incredibly volatile, so it is very hard to estimate how any virtual coin will perform in the long run. Other cryptocurrencies, such as Lisk and Cardano are dropping in value, despite the fact that Lisk has just successfully rebranded, and Cardano’s price failed to attract attention despite their roadmap announcement. Monero is also down in price, despite their highly anticipated fork which is set to be released next week. Good things are predicted for Stellar, and there is huge potential for the year ahead. Featured Image Source: Pxhere

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