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Stellar Lumens To Climb 275%?

Stellar Lumens To Climb 275%?
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It’s been a tough few weeks for everyone involved in the cryptocurrencies market, so it’s little surprise that experts are scrabbling around looking for pieces of good news to inject a little excitement back into the market. One person trying to do this has been Alisa Gus, the CEO of WishKnish. Gus has turned his attention to Stellar Lumens, suggesting that the price of this particular crypto coin could climb by around 275% by the end of 2018. Does Gus know what he’s talking about? Gus has an excellent reputation in the cryptocurrency community and has been a sought after commentator on many cryptocurrency issues for a number of years. However, he also has a track record for showering praise on particular currencies and then moving on rather quickly when the gains he has forecast fail to develop. A few months ago, he was predicting great things for the future of Dogecoin, two months later, with no sign of these gains actually coming to fruition, he has moved on to Stellar Lumens. What is Gus actually saying?
The prediction made by Gus doesn’t seem to be based on much information beyond a gut feeling that Stellar Lumens could be undervalued. The vast majority of cryptocurrencies which have managed to buck the recent downward trends in the market have managed to secure substantial investment and partnerships from outside developers. Many of these have been traditional financial institutions, which has caused some tension among cryptocurrency watchers. There is little sign right now that Stellar Lumens will receive this kind of backing anytime soon. Therefore, it is hard to see exactly where Gus expects the growth he is forecasting to come from. Cryptocurrency production is a very difficult game to play, and there is every possibility that Gus could be right. However, as of right now, it is difficult to see precisely where the gains would come from. Source: - Great Video By All Coin Daily News Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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