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Satoshi’s Vision – Simon Dixon Demands Answers From Roger Ver Over Bitcoin Core Animosity

Satoshi’s Vision – Simon Dixon Demands Answers From Roger Ver Over Bitcoin Core Animosity
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During the recent Satoshi’s Vision Conference, Tokyo, Simon Dixon, Author, Speaker and CEO of has been seen quizzing Roger Ver, the appropriately named ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ over his problems with the culture surrounding digital gold and digital cash, namely Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash. Dixon highlights his worries over outsider fears of cryptocurrencies, referring to them as ‘that crazy crypto thing’. Such fears might stem from the confusion between using cryptocurrencies for saving and using cryptocurrencies for spending. Dixon rightfully argues that when it comes to spending, people will turn to the dollar before cryptocurrencies, yet he believes that the clashing between saving and spending, or Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin cash are damaging the reputation of cryptocurrencies overall, meaning the dollar will always stay ahead. Before referencing the censorship scandal, Dixon asks Ver and the rest of the audience to imagine a world of digital harmony when one chain can optimize for digital gold and another for digital cash, a digital world optimizing for both saving and spending. By seconding Dixons shout out against censorship, Ver grasps the crowd with a universal applause. Ver then goes on to agree that the biggest ‘store value’ currency today is the dollar, what he means by store value could best be described as a currency with real universal value, something you could spend in a shop or a store, as cash. Ver argues that for Bitcoin to generate store value, it needs to be spendable as cash. He refers to an animosity between the ‘Bitcoin Core crowd’ and the ‘Bitcoin Cash crowd’ existing because the Bitcoin Core Crowd have successfully transported the Bitcoin name and original Bitcoin ‘ecosystem’ with them, whilst managing to move away from the texts in the original Bitcoin white paper, by essentially mocking the idea that Bitcoin could be used as cash, which as we know is the premise of the peer to peer cash transfer system first outlined in Bitcoins white paper. Ver suggests that he is happy for the Bitcoin Core crowd to concentrate on digital fluidity but believes that it is wrong for the Bitcoin Core Crowd to try to ‘hijack and sabotage’ the work of the Bitcoin Cash Crowd through ‘censorship and propaganda’, somewhat agreeing with Dixons initial sentiment. Through Bitcoin Cash, Ver believes that anybody, anywhere can send or receive cash which has a monetary value, for free, and free from government blocking and censorship, he states that this fantasy however is no longer true of Bitcoin Core, this is why the animosity exists. Ver summarises by stating simply that Bitcoin Core is not Bitcoin, they shouldn’t have even taken the Bitcoin name with them. To finally touch on Dixons question, Ver argues that as soon as Bitcoin Cash becomes spendable everywhere, it will gain the same store value as the dollar and thus, though he does not directly say it… Bitcoin Cash will go on to be the worlds most valuable, store currency. The clip shown provides an interesting insight into the mind of Roger Ver, he’s clearly very passionate about the subject, although I’m not entirely sure he answers Dixons question well, there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the harmonious vision Dixon has set out, instead, Ver does seem very intent on keeping Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash as far away from each other as possible.   Featured Image Source: Flickr - Great Photo By Official Leweb Photos

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