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7 Low Priced Coins Expected For Bull Run

7 Low Priced Coins Expected For Bull Run
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Here are 7 Crypto Coins that are very cheap right now. They have either lost their value or not shown their true potential over the last few months in the market. NEM Went from $2 to 4c. Has lost a lot of its value, so much so that it needs to go up in value x5 in order to get back to its previous all time high. This seems likely to happen. It lost a large amount of value because of a hacking attack during which much of NEM currency was stolen. Overall $500m worth of NEM was taken in the attack. NEM is still one of the best systems around and is predicted to recover soon. ICON ICON is in the top 30 cryptocurrencies yet lost much of its value during the past few months. It has not been on the market very long and has the potential to have value in the billions. Though ICON is down right now it is likely to eventually beat its previous all time high. Ethos Bitcoin in Center Surrounded by Yellow Digital Nodes Went to $11 to $3.50, losing 66% of its value. This huge loss is enough to turn many off Ethos. However, it is considered by experts to be the best wallet out there and the most promising one. Substratum Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Substratum is the only one that topped over $3 in the market and had one of the most significant losses. Yet it is still a favourite amongst experts due to its revolutionary decentralised system potential. High Performance Blockchain The same story here as with ICON. With millions of transactions per second and the wallet's combination of hardware and software this is a very promising cryptocurrency. It just hasn't had the chance to prove itself yet. Theta Token It has a very low market cap. It is similar to HPB and ICON. It has only been around since January but has a good company backing. Internet Node Token This may be the cheapest on the list. Only has a market cap of approx. $38m, which is insanely cheap. Needs a growth of x4 to get back to its all time high. Active in the area of IOT. Source: Image Source: Pixabay Sponsored by Unibright - Unified Framework For Blockchain Based Business Integrations

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