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These Companies Accept Cryptocurrency

These Companies Accept Cryptocurrency
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Most people think of cryptocurrency in terms of a purely virtual, digital commodity, not accepted widely in the mainstream. However, you may be surprised to find out that there are more and more major companies willing to deal in digital currencies. Here are some of the more famous ones, and how they are currently dealing with cryptocurrency. Subway Subway is now accepting Bitcoin in exchange for meal items, although only at certain franchise stores. A foot-long sub costs approximately 0.006BTC. Bitcoin Accepted Here Sign in Window PayPal It makes sense that PayPal, a purely digital bank, would be happy with digital currency. Indeed, they were one of the first major companies to start accepting Bitcoin. They are looking to expand upon this and include Ethereum in their lists of accepted currencies. Shopify In the same vein, Shopify’s online-only presence is ideal for digital currencies. They are now accepting Bitcoin, but haven’t ruled out other digital currencies for the future. Pizzaforcoins Order pizza from your favourite restaurant, and pay for it with Bitcoin, or even 49 other digital currencies. Overstock Overstock’s CEO, Dr Patrick M. Byrne, believes there is a big future for Bitcoin in business. The retailer has partnered with Coinbase and bills itself as the first major retailer to accept Bitcoin. Microsoft Text on Large Screen Microsoft Microsoft has had a bumpy ride with cryptocurrency. They were accepting Bitcoin as early as winter 2014, but in early January 2018 decided the digital currency was too volatile. They have since reversed that stance, and now you can add Bitcoin to your Microsoft Digital Wallet again. Currently, many companies echo Microsoft’s initial concerns about the volatility of cryptocurrency. There are also questions about tax and regulation, if governments decide to take more of an interest in digital currencies. But if a giant such as Microsoft has decided the benefits outweigh any risks, we should be seeing digital currency in use by many more major companies very soon. Image Source: Flickr Sponsored by Crowd Genie ICO - Singapore Licensed Blockchain Asset Exchange

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