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The Growth Of NEO & GAS

The Growth Of NEO & GAS
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Neo Cryptocurrency Logo on a Sunflower Outside NEO, a cryptocurrency that was named after the famous protagonist from the Matrix films, is the only online currency which falls into the top ten 'in the green' cryptocurrencies today. On 15th January 2018, Neo (also known as the Chinese Ethereum) achieved a record high price of over $190. By 30th January, the currency had passed $170 but has since fallen slightly lower. As of 1st February, the price of the currency is at just over $134. The evolution of NEO NEO has a market cap of upward of $10 billion, placing it sixth in terms of the highest grossing cryptocurrencies online. South Korea’s Upbeat exchange provides NEO with about 37% of its trading volume. Da Hong Fei, the co-founder of NEO, found himself interested in the bustling world of cryptocurrency in 2011, and in 2013 he began working full time in the trading business. In 2014, Da Hong Fei, along with partner and core developer Zhang Zhengwen Jang, co-founded the Cryprocurrency Antshares, which this summer made its full transition into NEO, following re-branding. Cryptocurrency Value Chart NEO's Gas token NEO’s Gas token is the currency that powers tokens built on the NEO blockchain and smart contracts. Around 54% of trading volume for Neo's Gas Token comes from Binance. On 15th January 2018, this token hit yet another record high, peaking at $85 before falling again over the next few days. On 30th January, the currency moved higher, hitting $70, but it has again seen a decrease of 5.58% and as of 1st February, the price sits at $52. Although the price of NEO's gas token has recently seen a decrease, there was a surge of more than 22% in the token's cost over one single 24 hour period, demonstrating the growth of, and overall interest in, the currency. Original Image Source: Pixabay Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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