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Stellar XLM Is The Best Performing Cryptocurrency

The past few weeks have been nothing if not eventful in the world of crypto, but it has seen a number of developments for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The European Supervisory Authorities have pointed out that it is important to stay cautious when you are investing in cryptocurrencies, due to the high risk nature of them.

Singapore’s deputy prime minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnum has assured investors that government officials will not ban virtual currencies because of the fact that they are included in regulatory plans, saying;

“…MAS has been closely studying these developments and the potential risks they pose. As of now, there is no strong case to ban cryptocurrency trading here.”

Ripple have just announced a partnership with an UAE based remittance firm, where the CEO said;

Stellar Cryptocurrency Logo on Trophy Illustration

“The early adoption of this game-changing technology allows us to offer a competitive service, as it will have an impact on the speed and cost of cross-border transactions.”

However; the cryptocurrency that has seen the most improvement and the best performing one is Stellar [XLM]. It is currently number seven in the top ten, with a selling price of $0.417831, it as increased by nearly 6% in just 24 hours.

They have seen a gain of 16.5% in value, which puts them way above some of their competitors such as Ripple, which has lost some of their value in 24hrs.

Stellar Lumens, launched XLM on a London based cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO. It opened the world of cryptocurrency up to a new type of coin, and the new era of multi-currency payments, and this is only increasing, and his hurtling towards a wider acceptance. So, if you are looking for a long term investment option Stellar is really looking like a good one to back.

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