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‘Satoshi’ Sued For $10Billion

‘Satoshi’ Sued For $10Billion
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The Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto has remained somewhat of a mystery. nChain scientist Craig Wright, recently claimed to be him, but is now being sued for a huge, $10billion. Ira Kleiman is bringing the lawsuit on behalf of his brother, Dave, who was heavily involved in Bitcoin in the early days; however passed away in 2013. His involvement became clear, during controversy in late 2015. This was when Wright announced himself as Nakamoto. Court Gavel Isolated on White Background It quickly became apparent that the Bitcoin community was sceptical about his announcement, especially when he later said that he would not offer additional proof to back up his claim. Wright has now been accused of conducting, “…a scheme against Dave’s estate to seize Dave’s Bitcoins and his rights to certain intellectual property associated with the Bitcoin technology…As part of this plan, Craig forged a series of contracts that purported to transfer Dave’s assets to Craig and/or companies controlled by him. Craig backdated these contracts and forged Dave’s signature on them.” In addition, the complaint also states that the; “…Plaintiff demands judgment against Defendant for the value of the wrongfully retained Bitcoin and IP, together with court costs, interest, and any other relief this Court deems just and proper.” When he was asked about the complaint and lawsuit against him, Wright simply replied ‘Greed’. The true identity of Nakamoto still is not clear, and whether Craig, Dave, or both of them created Bitcoin. The complaint goes on to say regarding this matter; “For reasons not yet completely clear, they chose to keep their involvement in Bitcoin hidden from most of their family and friends. It is undeniable, however, that Craig and Dave were involved in Bitcoin from its inception and that they both accumulated a vast wealth of Bitcoins from 2009 through 2013.” Image Source: Pixabay Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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