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NEO Bull Run Happened

NEO Bull Run Happened
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The cryptocurrency market has seen a dramatic drop in value recently. Even Bitcoin and Ethereum have felt the hit. This could be seen as bad news but some market users have taken advantage of the downward trend in order to invest in preparation for a Bull Run. Those who have invested in NEO had their faith rewarded recently. The cryptocurrency has sky rocketed in value. It went up 18% after recently dipping along with every other coin. Anyone opportunistic enough to buy into NEO during this price drop will now have gained significantly. Black Bull Illustration With Neo Logo Comic Style Experts predict this is just the beginning for NEO, which will likely rise in value even higher. It could become one of the cryptocurrency technologies that moves forward and takes a top position amongst Bitcoin and Ethereum. So what is the reason for this rise in value? The concept of smart contract spearheaded by Ethereum has allowed it to become the second most popular form of coin. Smart contracts have numerous applications and will change the way people conduct business on all levels. This goes for not just cryptocurrency but every aspect of real world business. NEO uses a similar system and has even been called "the Chinese Ethereum". The NEO smart economy has the potential to reshape the monetary systems around the globe and it is convenient that China, one of the most influential economic countries is the birthplace of NEO. NEO could become a four digit cryptocurrency in the near future and could easily be worth $1000 per coin. The system is rooted in several different forms of cutting edge technology. When you hold NEO in a cryptocurrency wallet you also gain GAS coins because it is linked to the NEO network. The fact that a user can accumulate interest in cryptocurrency simply by holding NEO coins in a wallet makes the system extremely attractive. It incentives users to hold onto NEO coins. Original Image Source: Pixabay Sponsored by Unibright - Unified Framework For Blockchain Based Business Integrations

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