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In the modern world we live in, the Internet of Things is becoming more prevalent. As technology advances to allow even more smart devices to connect together, from phones to household appliances, it is only certain to play a more central role in all our lives. The issue this has thrown up for the Internet of Things though is how to keep these connected networks safe and secure from malicious hackers. Physical Bitcoin Standing on Dollars Brown This is where both ITC (or IoT Chain) and IOTA come in. ITC v IOTA - which to use? For many people, both of these cryptocurrencies will be ones they may not have heard of before. ITC is the new kid on the block so to speak and looking to challenge IOTA as the go-to solution for use with the whole Internet of Things network. Both are broadly similar in their aim and underlying Blockchain based technology but have a few differences to be aware of. What are these differences? IOTA Logo on Stacks of Cards One area that they differ is the simplicity of use for people. Both ITC and IOTA use next generation DAG based Blockchain technology but ITC looks set to be easier to operate. To use IOTA, you need a pretty good understanding of Blockchain as a network and also the 'Tangle' technology that underpins IOTA. There is no support as such if you don't which could be a problem for some. In comparison, ITC is far more user friendly it would seem. While this uses DAG too, it is more of a plug in and use solution with no deep technological knowledge needed by users. It also seems that ITC have learnt from what IOTA has done previously to make their lite coin offering more secure and with faster performance. It is thought that ITC can withstand a quantum attack due to the advances in technology since IOTA was developed. The battle between ITC and IOTA will be key There is no doubt that both cryptocurrencies could be very useful for pushing the Internet of Things further forward in a more secure way. With the DAG technology they use giving greater control over data for users along with quicker performance, it may all come down to which is better for businesses or individuals to use on a personal level. Source: Image Source: Pixabay Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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