Want to get your business on the Blockchain, but don’t know how and are worried about doing an ICO? Giftz Program The Giftz program will allow any business to create their own white labeled “tokenized points” using their base token, creating value for your customers on the blockchain. Use tokens for customer acquisition, retention and ongoing engagement. These tokens can be rewarded in many ways along a customer’s omnichannel journey to-and-after a sale. Giftz Utility Token As A Service (UTaaS) Whether you want to add loyalty tokens to an existing legacy program, replace your legacy program or want to start something new, Giftz has a solution for your business. Giftz is calling this a Utility Token-as-a-Service (UTaaS) -- a blockchain implementation for any business to get into the loyalty and rewards space and increase their reach via the Giftz Exchange. With Giftz, your company jumps past the over-flooded ICO market and straight to the blockchain with access to the Giftz Exchange marketplace. Giftz Exchange The Giftz Exchange is a platform on which businesses and consumers can trade loyalty and reward tokens, thereby creating additional value and increasing the size of their reach via the Giftz Network, i.e. Metcalfe’s law. For the consumer, the Giftz Exchange allows for the trading of tokens amongst the Giftz ecosystem so that rewards and loyalty points can be fully utilized across different merchants and industries. For the business, the Giftz Exchange allows for the transfer of the cost and liability burden, associated with crypto e-commerce to the Giftz Exchange. This allows Giftz to provide for the management of the entire lifecycle of a rewards token, which abstracts away the integration cost on upgrading legacy customer rewards and loyalty programs to blockchain. Other Benefits of Giftz The other major benefits of Giftz outside of a UTaaS exchange, are the following:
  • Legacy loyalty and rewards consumer and merchant network since 2015;
  • Giftz backend integration with traditional payment processors and banks provide for USD liquidity;
  • Giftz includes a base utility token, itCoin® Black ERC20 and a planned base security token; and,
  • Giftz price controls on itCoin® Black based on rules-based liquidity pools across public and external trading markets, i.e. ETH/itCoin®, BTC/itCoin®, etc.
Giftz Securities Token As A Service (STaaS) Shortly following initial deployment of the UTaaS, Giftz will explore providing a Security-Token-as-a-Service (STaaS) to include a crypto securities exchange that is fully compliant with host country regulations and licensing requirements. STaaS offers equivalent value as UTaaS, but more for SEC, CFTC, and banking risk management as merchants create their security tokens via Giftz’s STaaS APIs. Effectively, the Giftz (S/U)TaaS service is one that provides a token container, with performance and secure attributes that are edge-aligned, behind a stable API for any business interested on growing value on the blockchain. Giftz Market Maker Giftz primary intent is to open up existing markets on blockchain for businesses who want to get involved in the growing crypto-space and not get left behind. We believe these markets can grow to be even larger in value than fiat-based models for less cost and in less time. Giftz is ranked Top 10 in many ICO lists to watch in 2018, such as this Inc Magazine Blog article and has investors like; Linda Giambrone - Head of NBC Primetime TV, Televisa Family Heir Emilio Diez Barroso and the founder John Paukulis was an exec at Paramount Pictures Digital. Note: is currently accepting businesses who’d like to join their Pilot Program to create their own “Points Token” using a (S/U)TaaS rewards program and have access to the Giftz Exchange trading marketplace(s) and programs. Links:, (Giftz.Exchange coming soon) Use of any brand name is for descriptive purposes only. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.
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