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You Can Now Study Bitcoin At University
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You Can Now Study Bitcoin At University

In the US, there is such a huge demand for courses on Bitcoin, and the blockchain technology behind it, that it is putting the most elite US universities under great pressure. The course covers all of the technical concepts behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. These include the decentralised consensus, append-only ledgers, smart contract, and zero knowledge proof systems. The course also contains a practical element, where students can get to grip with how cryptocurrencies work. The course can be found at many different elite universities, such as Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, The University of Maryland and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and requests for these courses are simply skyrocketing. One expert says; Physical Bitcoin on Laptop Screen “Last month at the University of California, Berkeley, students were lining the walls and sitting in the aisles for the first lecture of ‘Blockchain Cryptoeconomics and the Future of Technology, Business and Law”. One of the reasons that these courses might have become so popular, is because cryptocurrencies on the whole are increasing in popularity, yet there are not enough experts to fill the positions that are being opened up. Universities do not want just anyone on these courses, and are using very innovative ways in which they can attract only the brightest of students, with some uni’s even accepting the payments in Bitcoin. On the other hand though, some universities are reaching out to those with less money and are offering scholarships. If you do not fancy doing your time at university, you can complete an online course, including Princeton University’s popular course, ‘Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies.’. The popular cryptocurrency, and the blockchain technology behind it, promise great business opportunities; however, they need qualified personnel, which is something that these select universities can offer. Image Source: Pixabay Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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