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Best Laptops For Crypto Mining
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Best Laptops For Crypto Mining

Closeup of a Keyboard at an Angle If you think of the equipment you need for cryptocurrency mining, you probably picture a beast of a machine, a custom-built behemoth of a mining rig with dozens of GPU cards welded onto it, whirring away in the corner of the room, while your electricity bill goes through the roof. However, depending on how you mine (in a mining pool, for instance) and what you’re mining (some altcoins are more plentiful – if less valuable – than others), you can manage perfectly well with a laptop straight out of the box. Interested? Here are four of the best for the job. Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Gaming laptops make excellent mining machines, as they come pre-installed with top-of-the-range graphics cards, an essential part of your mining rig. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti, which is included in this machine, works well for mining, and is bolstered by the main CPU, a Core i5. Of course, as with all Dell laptop’s, the battery life is phenomenal. Razer Blade Pro Razer Blade Laptop Sitting on a Desk TableThis is the slimline model, but don’t be fooled by its slender exterior. The Razer Blade Pro is the perfect choice for a mining laptop, as it supports a host of high-impact GPUs, all ably supported by the main processor, and comes packed with plenty of RAM, so slowdown of any other programs should be kept to a minimum. Dell XPS 15 Another Dell, sure, but also another excellent mining machine. Very compact and with a long battery life, it means you can mine on the move if you’ve got a long commute. HP Pavilion 15 In all honesty, this is not the most powerful machine you can find but, if you’re after a dedicated coin mining machine, then this budget model means you don’t have to spend as much in your initial outlay. At around half the price of some of the other models in this list, it could be a good call from the low-risk miner, and its GPU offers good power for the money. Of course there are other laptops available that will perform well as a mining computer. Just be on the lookout for three things – a powerful processor, a powerful graphics card, and an extended warranty, because your new machine will take a bit of a beating if used exclusively for mining. Image Sources: Thoroughly Reviewed And Pixabay Sponsored by Crowd Genie ICO - Singapore Licensed Blockchain Asset Exchange

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