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Poland Is The Next Country To Announce National Cryptocurrency
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Poland Is The Next Country To Announce National Cryptocurrency

Made in Poland Badge Comic Style Earlier this week, it was announced that Sweden was set to release their own cryptocurrency, e-Krona, and now it seems that Poland is following in their footsteps. It is not surprising since Poland has always been open to technological progresses, and in particular the blockchain technology. They even have their own Polish Blockchain Technology Accelerator (PATB), which functions under the Ministry of Digitalisation. The most recent project that they have been working on is the creation of a digitised national cryptocurrency, Digital PLN (dPLN). This virtual currency has been developed at the Lazarski University in Warsaw, where the dedicated team have been developing a working basic version of the national currency. They are centralising their efforts now around advancing the current version of the code. The team are hoping to test the software in a couple of weeks, saying; “We have created a cryptographic currency, which we have deprived of speculative features. We want to give our economy unprofitable money that does not require expensive infrastructure, and by the way, its transfer is ultrafast.” Bitcoin Dice on Screen With Chart There are rumours that the cryptocurrency may link the exchange of dPLN to the fiat currency, PNL. So, this would then mean that the decentralised currency will be deprived of the exchange rate risk. However, permission from the government would be needed to do such a thing. The current EU rules also mean that dPLN will not be anonymous and any transactions made have to be fully transparent to the government. The creator has said that he believes that many countries will soon be following in the same footsteps, and there will be a lot more national cryptocurrencies in 2018. Decentralised banks on the other, might take longer, as there are a lot of legal complications. An expert said; “We left the concept of a banking system based on blockchain technology, thanks to which the costs of operations can be reduced by up to 35%. Using a distributed database, you can secure all securities or important documents.” Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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