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Is Your Organisation Ready For Blockchain?

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past couple of months, you will know how crypto popularity has significantly increased. When the first, and most popular cryptocoin, Bitcoin was introduced, its aim was to eventually take over from traditional currency, which in turn would then eliminate the need for public banks. This would dramatically change the entire financial sector, and whilst this is a long way off, it isn’t unachievable. So, the big question is, just how prepared is your business for this blockchain technology. 

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Some businesses are already incorporating this technology into the workplace, whilst others are so unprepared, and have no desire to understand how this technology works. This is why Constellation Research has created a survey for business owners to take part in, which seeks to understand blockchain awareness, investment, research and development activities, and the success factors.  

The underlying aim of the survey is to find out just how prepared organisations are to implement blockchain related technology into their business. By understanding this awareness, and the level of interest that different businesses have in blockchain technology will help the crypto sector to move forward, and ultimately become more widely used and accepted. 

If you own a business, or have authority and influence over the technology strategy in the business that you are working for, you too can take part in the survey to make your opinion matter. The survey has to be completed by 19th January, and only takes around ten minutes to complete. They survey asks multiple choice questions that are related to market awareness, organisational involvement, budget, activity and success factors. Once you have taken the survey, you will receive a copy of the results, so you can know how your opinions fair.  

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