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Is Bitcoin Cash living up to the promise?

Is Bitcoin Cash living up to the promise?
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There has been fresh criticism levelled against Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by the Bitcoin community following recent revelations that the larger blocks utilised by the new crytpocurrency are failing to live up to the promises made by its developers. A robust comparison of Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash blocks was uploaded by Ben Verret, respected software advocate, to Twitter. The data strongly suggests that the BTC blocks are verifying greater numbers of transactions than the ‘big blocks’ being used by BCH. This will come as a blow to supporters of Bitcoin Cash (including big names in the community, such as Jihan Wu and Roger Ver), many of whom touted that the notion of these bigger blocks allowed for a greater scalability as a central feature of the digital currency. Such proponents of bigger blocks in the blockchain were convinced that such a set-up should allow for the processing of more transactions at the same time, resulting in noticeably cheaper and swifter transactions for the altcoin’s users. Roger Ver tweeted last month that the proposed size of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain can easily manage the combined transaction volume of Ethereum and Bitcoin, two of the strongest cybercurrencies on the market. However, according to Verret’s findings, and those of others, this bigger blockchain is already starting to fail, with the smaller BTC blocks completing larger numbers of transactions over the same time as BCH’s bigger ones. After he presented results covering three-hour, six-hour, twelve-hour, and one-day periods, Verret conclusion was simple: “Big blocks failed.” Technical issues aside, BCH has managed to appreciate in value by a considerable amount these past few weeks, as Bitcoin found its own worth plummeting following a change of regulations regarding digital currency in South Korea, a major market for altcoin trading. Time will tell whether this is part of a larger trend. Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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