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Hacker stole $226K of cryptocurrency from Oracle servers

Hacker stole $226K of cryptocurrency from Oracle servers
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A hacker has stolen $226,000 of digital currency from Oracle servers after they were able to take advantage of a weakness in the server's defences to mine the coins. Although the vulnerability has now been fixed by Oracle, investors are still worried about how easy it was for the hacker to get in in the first place. Anonymous Hacker With Monero Logo Oracle servers exposed to attack The vulnerability that the hacker used to gain entry was first published in December 2017. It allowed him to access the Oracle server in question remotely and mine the Monero cryptocurrency. It is believed that cryptominers were placed by hackers on the WebLogic and PeopleSoft servers from Oracle. SANS Institute report that this individual hacker made off with 611 mined Monero coins, worth around $226,000. What is the nature of the attack? Blue Digital Lock Unlocked The exact name of the vulnerability was CVE 2017-10271 and it allowed any hacker who took advantage of it to remotely perform commands in the WebLogic and PeopleSoft servers. Although no solace, the victim is pretty lucky that it was only crypto mining the hacker was interested in and nothing more serious! This quirk actually highlights just how valuable digital currencies are becoming and how highly criminals value them. To focus solely on mining Monero coins when plugged into a server remotely and nothing else is quite unheard of with the amount of data they could have accessed. Oracle moved quickly to patch the flaw Although this is shocking, the good news is that Oracle moved quickly to correct the flaw in its servers. They have rectified the issue in their latest update to prevent further hackers doing the same. Obviously, it does rely on individuals and businesses updating to the latest version of the server. If you are running versions,,,, or then you may still be at risk. Original |mage Source: Pixabay Sponsored by Potentiam ICO Banner

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