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Why EthLend and Salt Lending Platform Are Going To Be Huge In 2018
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Why EthLend and Salt Lending Platform Are Going To Be Huge In 2018

Salt lending platform offers different solution if you need traditional currency. Whereas before the only option would be to sell your Bitcoins, this platform lets you put your Bitcoins in an escrow account, and the salt lending platform would then match you with someone who was willing to lend you fiat, or traditional currency. You agree an interest rate with them, and once you have finished paying back your loan, the Bitcoins are then released back to you. This platform is advantageous to both the investor and the lender. The investor gets to hold onto their cryptocurrency, as well as getting the traditional currency that they require, and the lender makes a profit thanks to the agreed interest rate. It is well suited to wealthy people who maybe want to dip their toes into the crypto pond, but don’t want to invest in any themselves. They will not be affected by the volatility of the price, and do not have to know anything about they are lending against, but it is potentially far more profitable than just leaving your money in the bank. EthLend, whilst it works in a similar way is different as it is establishing a credit protocol and allow key to key lending. It is worth mentioning now though that this service is not allowed in America, which takes away a huge chunk of the crypto population. Salt Lending platform offers less risk than EthLend; however, the latter has the furthest to go in its development. EthLend focuses on lending money to those who otherwise would not be able to get loans. This poses a lot of problems though, as the lender will need to feel safe and assured that the person they are lending to will be able to repay the loan. Because there is little collateral as well, it becomes very difficult to recover your funds should they fail to pay. The reasons that these applications have so much potential; even if they are not quite up and running properly yet is because in theory, they can replace banks. Out of the two we have looked at, Salt Lending platform is much more prepared and ready to start their business, whereas EthLend still has a long way to go – perhaps most importantly, they need to develop a way in which you can test someone’s credit worthiness, to determine whether they will be able to repay their loan. Image Source: Pixabay Sponsored by

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