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Has Blockchain Technology Gone Too Far This Time?

You can now give your sexual consent with the swipe of a finger, using an app on your phone, which has been built using blockchain technology. The sad fact of the matter is that sexual consent forms have often been used as the butt of the joke, but the question is, is it appropriate to joke about a topic as sensitive as this, as well as often leaving the audience unsure as to whether they are laughing at the expense of consent movements, or at those who are confused about consent. This joke, has now become a reality, as a new blockchain app, LegalFling is set to burst onto the scene.

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It has been created by a Dutch company and the app allows partners to enter into a legally binding agreement where they can note their sexual do’s and don’ts. There are a huge number of flaws with this app already, with the most obvious being that ok, or a swipe of the finger does not and should not and does not qualify as consent. Although the website has acknowledged that if either partner is uncomfortable they can opt out, it certainly does not make this idea any better.

The app also boasts about giving users free reign for them to ‘request consent’ from people on their contact list, so you can ‘sit back and relax while your fling confirms’. Unfortunately, this is not a new, one off concept. There are other consent apps out there, such as SaSie and We-Consent. Whilst blockchain technology is, and should be accepted in more everyday activities, digital sexual contracts just seem like a disaster waiting to happen, and will cause far more dangers than good. Young children need to be taught about communication and consent, and not think that a quick swipe of your finger is the same thing.

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