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Anonymity used to come to the Premium… until now. ADAMANT is here, folks!

Anonymity used to come to the Premium… until now. ADAMANT is here, folks!
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There is no denying, the world we currently live in has become completely infatuated with all kind of social networks. Anonymity is now a privilege and some may argue, nearly impossible to achieve. Advertisers do track your internet habits across all your devices: tablets, laptops and smartphones – gathering the information on everything from your shopping patterns to the web browsing. Not to forget the numerous controversies about what Internet companies should be allowed to track and sell to third parties. Messenger applications have also come under scrutiny and back in 2016. When NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said that despite appraising Telegram founder Pavel Durov’s work “admirable,” he still believes the messaging service is “less safe than WhatsApp.” However, with the advent of Blockchain technology, it became possible to create a messenger service like no other before which, due to its decentralised nature ensures that it is almost impossible to associate a message history to a specific person. There is no longer a need to enter any private information... such as a cell phone number, any email or social account, payment details and so on. We’re thrilled to introduce you — ADAMANT: The most secure and anonymous messenger, encrypted with Blockchain. Some might be tempted to say something like: Who cares? I have nothing to hide. But it is not just about personal privacy and being anonymous, it is also about the ability to transfer information. And on a corporate level the information leakage is taken very seriously. This will be taken care of by ADAMANT Business service, which is the project enhancement with file transfers and digitally signing of documents within an isolated company’s blockchain. So now, there is a solution that caters not just for day-to-day communication but also allows for a secure document transfers with a Blockchain bullet-proof technology to meet your business needs. You might think that such a technically robust and secure platform will require long-winded installations and set ups but there is no need to install anything, you can use any modern browser on your smartphone, tablet or desktop to start messaging instantly. And if you are still sceptical about it — there is an already working product, which can be freely reached by anyone here: If you are still reading on, you have probably looked at a number of ICO projects, read many whitepapers and spent countless number of hours trying to understand how your contribution to a project will benefit you as an investor. Security and reliability may be at the very core of ADAMANT’s team but ADM’s token value rationalization aspect was also designed with a view that ensures long lasting value and particularly benefits for all early adopters. Firstly, the value of the ADM token is ensured by fee payments for message and data transfers. At the same time, ADAMANT Business Service also includes digital document signing (approving) feature. The key incentive for the early participation lays in the process dubbed as “ADAMANT Grows”, which results in the proportional distribution of all unsold tokens (for Pre-ICO and ICO phases) between the existing holders. Wallet balances will grow by 5% every month for an estimate period of a one year after the ICO campaign ends and this distribution eventually stops with the complete ICO wallet depletion. The innovative approach means that the earlier you invest in ADAMANT, and the longer you hold your tokens, the more profitable your assets become. A side note —  as the conclusion of the ICO campaign, the ADAMANT tokens (ADM) will be firstly listed for trading on the following cryptocurrency markets in the second quarter of 2018: Livecoin, Yobit, Liqui and Bittrex platforms. See more about ADAMANT here: 

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