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Amazon Has Apologised Because Of A Bitcoin Error
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Amazon Has Apologised Because Of A Bitcoin Error

Amazon Box With Surprised Face on Black Background Online retail behemoth Amazon UK has made a full apology to a customer who paid over £3,000 to one of the company’s third-party Marketplace vendors, only to be sent a DVD of animated smash hit movie, Boss Baby in its place. Stoke resident, Ichim Bogdan Cezar, initially suspected that he was the victim of some kind of online trading scam when he opened up his parcel from Amazon Marketplace and discovered that it consisted of a copy of Boss Baby on DVD, rather than the expensive mining rig he had been expecting. The rig in question was a Tanli ASIC Processing Bitmain AntMiner S9 13.5 TH/s that Mr Cezar was purchasing on behalf of his brother-in-law. Mr Cezar’s brother-in-law currently lives in Romania, which is not part of Amazon UK’s area of delivery. Upon being alerted to the discrepancy, Amazon were not quick to act, dragging out discussions on the matter for over two months, according to Mr Cezar, and flatly refusing to issue any kind of refund. Mining Rig With Wires Scattered However, following an investigation by Amazon, and the vendor of the product, Minifigures Direct LTD, the shopping giant has sent a complete refund to Mr Cezar’s brother-in-law. The mining rig was purchased in November for £3,149.99, but the incorrect item (costing less than £9.99 at full retail price) was delivered in its place. After Mr Cezar was unable to make contact with Minifigures Direct, he contacted Amazon twice before Christmas, making two applications to obtain a refund for the erroneous delivery. After a third refund application, just before new year, Amazon finally took action, though it would be another three weeks before Mr Cezar’s brother-in-law saw the money reach his account. Amazon revealed that it reached out to Mr Cezar with an apology and a refund, as well as a goodwill gesture. Mr Cezar said that he would continue to use Amazon, but would not risk so large a payment with them in future. Image Source: Flickr Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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