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Zen empowers Gen Z via cryptocurrency

Everyone can be a stakeholder


ZEN is a new app that lets teenage fans of pop culture share short videos and chat with their peers, it’s a new type of social media business that empowers users instead of exploiting them. By sharing great videos and building an audience on ZEN, users can potentially attract the billions of dollars spent every year on social media ads and influencer marketing. The typical ZEN user is a 14 to 18 year-old member of Generation Z and a super-fan of some aspect of pop culture: anything from Harry Potter movies to video games, to Japanese Anime cartoons, and all major league sports.

This generation doesn’t just consume content but they create it, attracting a large audience of their peers. These audiences are otherwise hard to reach and highly desirable for all types of advertisers. Despite this, these teen influencers make the least amount of money relative to the size of their audiences on traditional social media. ZEN is the first social media app of its kind where any user can become a paid influencer by building an audience and start to earn ZENCoin, a new cryptocurrency through a marketplace integrated directly into the product.This new marketplace will present ZEN influencers with multiple revenue generating features, which include transparent pricing for buyers and sellers, and handle all transactions with no possibility of fraud.

Zen offers users the following

Ad Revenue Sharing Program:

An expanded and automated program will be re-launched with an initial focus on ads for mobile games.

Automated Re-post Purchases and Distribution:

Users already buy and sell re-posts on platforms like ZEN, Twitter and formerly on Vine. This process can be highly automated, making re-posts a perfect foundation for a highly efficient marketplace.

Opt-in Sponsored Post Campaigns:

Users will be able to opt-in to sponsored post campaigns from a variety of advertisers, including their peers.
Official Channel Transfers:

All videos on ZEN are organized into channels that people follow- and which we will enable to be officially bought and sold through the marketplace.


Just since May 2017 ZEN has achieved significant traction, with 30,000 organic new users and tremendous growth in the amount of content and video views.

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James Sowers is a Korean-American businessman and philanthropist. He is a former singer/songwriter who was abandoned at birth who had his music career tragically ended by a reckless driver in a car accident. He is currently Advising companies as an ICO  and crypto asset Executive. He has invests in over 30 startups and a dozen initial coin offerings. He is also a mentor at the alchemist accelerator and an advisor to a number of initial coin offerings. He was recently interview by the Huffington post on his theory or Tokenarism.