Messi Joins Blockchain

Messi Joins Blockchain Earlier this week, the bitcoin price went up to $17,000 and has fallen to just above $15,000 at the time of writing. This would appear that this week of December 2017 saw the bitcoin hit critical mass, but in other news we will see a higher tipping point when it comes to the technology blockchain, the technology behind the Crypto Coin ‘Bitcoin”. Now it seems that even footballing stars are wanting to get involved with the technology, and this isn’t just any footballing star but it’s the Ballon D’Or runner up (Sorry Messi) Lionel Messi! We today saw Lionel Messi become a global ambassador for a company called Sirin Labs. Sirin Labs have developed a more mainstream phone with higher security features using the blockchain technology.   "We are excited to have Lionel Messi, the best soccer player in the world as the global brand ambassador for Sirin Labs. We have identified the potential of blockchain technology and are developing SirinOS to improve the security and user-experience on the blockchain to encourage mass adoption," said Moshe Hogeg, CEO Sirin Labs.  Messi can probably beat any football defence in the world, but now he’s putting his brand and name to a technology that is defeating the hackers of the world, this is could be very smart on Messi’s behalf. Image Source: NBC News

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