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MCash wins the “Challenge” on ICO box!

According to one expert review on the platform!

“The project already has an existing platform, which gives it a head start for taking its market share in the industry. Already existing user base indicates that the project has a strong support and demand for its services.”

What exactly is MCash?

MCash or simply put “MACHAAO Cash” is an ERC 20 based utility token required to participate in the blockchain version of live prediction eGames called “Challenges”.

New Users can earn MCash through Time based incentivized actions such as applying Sports skills to predict match situation. Users can also buy MCash to create their own private challenge with friends.

Users will get to spend their MCash winnings to Redeem Instant Digital Brand Gift Cards / avail other 3rd party service integrations through our dApp Web + Mobile Wallet.

They look at Instant Gift cards as an accelerator in our consumer adoption strategy for crypto currencies especially in India due to market and socio economic factors.

MCash can also be exchanged for MACHAAO Credits* – an in platform virtual currency used for consuming micro services such as scores, alerts, videos, premium content on the platform.

The team at MACHAAO is now in Pre ICO mode and intends to launch the token sale in late January 2018 – Early Feb 2018.

More Details soon….


This article is for informational purposes only
And does not constitute investment advice.

Please Note: Please review each case purely based on merit and proceed only if you are convinced or interested, I am just informing you about Crypto.
Also I do not encourage folks from USA, China etc to invest in an ICO unless they speak to their lawyers.
I only support genuine good people doing great in Blockchain innovation.

They author may have a relationship with the company now or in the future .

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