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Giftz and Blockv Form Alliance to Bring Blockchain Rewards To The Masses

Giftz and Blockv Form Alliance to Bring Blockchain Rewards To The Masses
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Announcement: Giftz and Blockv Form Alliance

  The Blockchain Challenge
There is a race going on that 98% of the world knows nothing about. It's a race to earn the ultimate prize, the brass ring, and it is the goal of most blockchain developers -- token adoption by the general population.  The Blockchain Community continues to grow, but still only about 2% of the world population even knows what blockchain is. I believe (currently) the only way to get mass adoption of a token is to give it away for free, create intuitive interfaces and don't try to change customer behavior.  Coinbase gives away crypto for referrals, ICOs are now giving away discounts and bonuses. These are all "rewards" in the traditional sense and they are effective.

Incentivizing Innovation

Chosen Top 10 ICOs to watch in 2018 by Inc. Magazine, The Giftz Network, by Rewards Media, Inc. provides a cost-effective, omnichannel solution for any business to “gift" cryptographic-rewards called, itCoin® (ITC) for customer acquisition, retention and engagement.  Giftz offers three flavors of crypto-points called itCoin® Silver, itCoin® Gold and their premier token, itCoin® Black -- the only public token sold at
Provides a much needed visual display layer for Blockchain that includes Augmented Reality, powered by their tokens called VEE.  Blockv successfully raised 72,000 ETH in their Token Sale. Together Blockv & Giftz offers any size businesses a dynamic, cost-effective way to participate in an enterprise-level loyalty rewards program.
Reeve Collins, CEO of Blockv, "I usually tell businesses, we'll build 80% - you build the other 20%, but Giftz has already built much more - It's a great fit."
It is my hopes that using crypto-points as rewards will be the solution to consumer adoption.  According to a TrustNodes survey; 57% of shoppers would switch to a competitor that offers cryptocurrency rewards.  I am very excited to work with the Blockv team. This alliance will bring value to both businesses, speed new features to market and allow customers to find cash rewards, not Pokemon.

More Information

To learn more about Blockv's visual interface layer and augmented reality for blockchain, go to To learn more about The Giftz Network go to Giftz is offering AirDrops and Bonuses to buyers of itCoin® Black (we are a rewards program after all). Author John Paukulis: CEO Rewards Media, Inc. is also a Founding Investor of The Giftz Network.  Mr. Paukulis can be reached at

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