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Is EOS going to Slay Ethereum?

I have taken an interest in EOS since it was first conceived. I like the concept of potentially having a blockchain that can process transactions a million times a second.

It has to be the future for blockchain to go to the next level in its evolution. To understand how big this could be, Bitcoin processes just 3 transactions per second and the newer, shinier Ethereum a not so impressive 30 per second.

As EOS moves into its next genesis, the EOS.IO Dawn 2.0 release has had an Alpha implementation of most of the remaining features described in their Roadmap for Fall 2017.

  • P2P Network Code
  • Wasm Sanitation & CPU Sandboxing
  • Resource Usage Tracking / Rate Limiting
  • Genesis Import Testing
  • Inter-Blockchain Communication

Initial internal testing shows they can sustain several thousand transfers per second and 1 second blocks using their single-threaded implementation on average hardware.

There are known issues which they are working to iron out but it sounds very promising to me.

Trade price has been swinging in the right direction to, it was as low as $0.70 a couple of months ago. It has been hitting $5 but has settled around the $4 mark.

The next roll out in June 2018 should be very interesting. If a rock-solid system for high levels of transactions is achieved I see EOS surpassing Ethereum and who knows even Bitcoin.

Keep an eye on this one, it could be a winner.

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