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Cryptocurrency course to break ground in NYU

Cryptocurrency course to break ground in NYU
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There is little doubt that Bitcoin has seen an incredible 2017 to date. The rally from the start of the year to current levels has been immense and encouraged many to learn more about cryptocurrencies. One institution to react to this appetite for knowledge is New York University in America. They have seen the way that Bitcoin, in particular, has penetrated the mainstream and acted to help people learn more about it. Course for new undergraduates developed The Stern School of Business within NYU actually began offering a course on cryptocurrencies to its graduate students in 2014. Initially, this started off with just a handful enrolled on it but has since grown to 100 students this year and 300 expected next year. This demand not only shows the popularity increase in this sector over the years but also why NYU have developed their new undergraduate course. Challenges for universities Any university that plans to offer courses around Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will need to address two major issues. The first is that the cryptocurrency sector is changing at a very fast rate. This means that any course material or textbooks printed will be out of date almost as soon as they are run off. Any universities that plan to provide these sort of courses will have to regularly review its offering throughout each year to keep it relevant. The other major challenge they will come across is finding talented, knowledgeable tutors to teach the courses. With ICO backed business start-ups and major banks snaffling up the most promising candidates for themselves, it leaves a shortage of people to actually teach about it in the universities. Online education is an alternative If you don't want to attend a university to learn about cryptocurrencies, there is no need to worry. All the information you need to get going is freely available on the internet and some educational establishments even offer online courses in this area too.

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