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What Coin Would You Buy For A Christmas Present?

What Coin Would You Buy For A Christmas Present?
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Virtual currencies are everywhere at the moment, and they can make the perfect Christmas gift for the risk takers in your life. Of course, some investments prove more of a risk than others, which is why we have helped you by identifying a low, medium, and high risk crypto currency, so you can decide which would make the perfect gift. LOW RISK: Bitcoin: Now is a brilliant time to invest in Bitcoin, if you are looking for something low risk. If you have any interest in cryptocurrencies, you will know that Bitcoin has been all over the news for the huge price surge. So, why is this a low risk investment? Investing in anything has an element of risk associated with it, but Bitcoin has several different features that help make it a low risk investment. It is a decentralised network, which makes it harder for authorities to mess with Bitcoins which belong to other people. It is anonymous, and completely transparent, so; although Bitcoin stores details of every transaction, they do not know who made this transactions, meaning identity theft is significantly reduced. MEDIUM RISK: Dash: Dash is an open source peer to peer cryptocurrency that poses a medium investment risk. This is another virtual currency that has become very popular in the past couple of months, and there are a lot of reasons why everyone should be investing in it. It is incredibly quick when it comes to processing the transactions, and this is because of the Instant Send feature. It is similar in some aspects to Bitcoin, and is just as easy to use as this popular cryptocurrency. On top of this, there are loads of places that accept Dash as a currency. The reason that it poses a slightly higher risk than Bitcoin is because it is not completely anonymous, and within the first three days of its launch, 1.9million coins were mined. Because there is a finite number of coins, it could mean that the price could drop significantly if all the coins are mined. HIGH RISK IOTA: IOTA has rumoured to be bigger than Bitcoin, and is set to become huge in the new year, and if you are a bit of a risk taker, this coin is absolutely perfect for you, and would make a brilliant present for anyone alike. The fact that it has suddenly got so popular could be the reason. Just like some professionals have feared will be the case with Bitcoin, IOTA could all too soon come crashing down, giving you a hefty loss. IOTA is very unique, which works in its favour. It has been designed to help machines communicate and to settle transactions without huge fees. It doesn’t use Bitcoin to do this though, instead using a distributed ledger, which is referred to as The Tangle. IOTA could be on the rise, thanks to Bitfinex, which is the only digital currency exchange that is trading IOTA. But, this could also be its downfall. You, see Bitfinex has recently closed its doors to the US. This will not only have an effect on individual investments, but could also prove to be a massive problem should they close any more doors. That said, if it becomes as big as everyone reckons it will be, you could have a hefty investment on your hands. But…is it a risk that you will take?? Image Source: Flickr

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