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Bitcoin Cash Set To Close Out 2017 With Huge Infrastructure Support

Bitcoin Cash has seen a significant growth throughout the year; from merchant acceptance, cryptocurrency business integrating support, and many other additions to the BCH economy, which show that Bitcoin Cash will no doubt have some robust infrastructure for the year ahead.

The price of Bitcoin has jumped significantly, topping at $2,000 per BCH. With figures like this, it is easy to see that it still commands the fourth largest market capitalisation this month, with the market cap surpassing $31billion. The trade volume has been incredibly high all week, and today, it has traded over $2.4billion worth of BCH. An astonishing figure, I’m sure you can all agree.  

Since the hard fork on 1st August 2017, the BCH chain is approaching 30,000 mined blocks. It is operating at approximately 9 percent of the legacy chain’s difficulty, and its 16 percent more profitable to mine legacy Bitcoin.  Since last month, the mining profitability of BCH has been very consistent, even though it changed the mechanics of its difficulty adjustment algorithm. The mining pools that process all of the transactions now include, Antpool, BTCC,, Viabtc,, and four other unknown organisations.  

Bitcoin cash received a lot of infrastructure support this week, from many different faucets. This has led to them having two exchanges that will deal only in Bitcoin Cash pairs from the companies Okex and Viabt. ATM manufacturer Lamassu, offered teller support by integrating the codebase into their software. Edge, a wallet company, which used to go by the name Airbitz announced their future integration with BCH, and finally Blockchain Wallet, which is the most downloaded wallet in the world, launched a full support on Bitcoin cash. The CEO states;

“As the popularity of Bitcoin Cash has grown, so has the desire from our customers to manage Bitcoin Cash from within their Blockchain wallets in the same way as Bitcoin and Ether. We are thrilled to fully support Bitcoin Cash through our wallet and will continue to find ways to make interacting with digital assets even easier for our users.” 

As well as the above, Uquid has launched a Bitcoin Cash debit card. This can be loaded with BCH funds, and used to pay for everyday things or used to withdraw cash from ATMs. The downside is that the card is not available in all countries at the moment.  

Bitcoin Cash has expressed how happy they are with the support that they have received.

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