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The Best Cryptocurrencies For 2018
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The Best Cryptocurrencies For 2018

With so many different cryptocurrencies, it is so difficult to know which ones to invest in. If you are looking into next year and considering investing in some virtual currencies, read on to find out which are predicted to be huge and which ones are best to avoid. Let’s start with one of the most popular of the virtual currencies, Bitcoin. If you have been following the crypto world at all, you will know that Bitcoin has hit a record high in the past few weeks. Although some critics say otherwise, it is predicted that Bitcoin will continue to rise in popularity in the new year. There is more regulation in place to protect investors from losing Bitcoins, which makes investing in them even more appealing. Another benefit continues to be the anonymity, which means that purchases cannot be traced. There is no way to link purchases to one person, and third parties, making it appealing for investors who wish to stay hidden. Ethereum has become another very popular cyptocurrency, and is often compared in numbers to Bitcoin. Although they have lost USD value from a peak value, the Market Gap is moving towards 20%. Any transactions which are made through Ethereum, stands up to much more than companies like Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency is developing further with lots of projects in the pipeline, making this a very popular choice for 2018. IOTA is a different type of virtual currency, which offers a productive, secure and light system for real time transactions. It is quite a unique system, which is just going to grow in popularity for the remainder of 2017, and well into 2018. The IOTA platform offers a system that can connect, expand and communicate with other bridges networks. Although there are still some finer details to be ironed out, many are predicting this cryptocurrency to be bigger than Bitcoin. Another virtual currency set to be huge in the new year is Dash. It is a cryptography platform that specialises in block chains and moving private money monitored and controlled by a particular community that are able to run the system in a fashion that will ensure safety and reliability. Although similar to Bitcoin, there is a core difference – Dash is governed by Masternode, whereas Bitcoin is governed by a third party via a black chain.  No connection is required with Dash to make a private transaction, working in a similar way to Bitcoin. This makes transaction completely untraceable. Finally, we’ll take a look at Ripple. This real time transaction between people system is set to be huge in 2018, and is definitely one to watch should you be a potential investor. It allows people to exchange money through the system to individuals with a record of location or specific bank identity. It is completely anonymous, much like Bitcoin; however, when you purchase items with Ripple, XRP is automatically bought in accordance with the platform, and it is this which fuels Ripple and the whole background processes. Since its launch in 2012, it has become increasingly popular with investors, and is one of the first currency based platforms, that allows exchanges.

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