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These two stocks are beating Bitcoin

These two stocks are beating Bitcoin
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There is little doubt that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has enjoyed a stellar 2017 to date. With experts expecting this upward trend to continue, you would think Bitcoin would be THE success story of the year in financial circles. While you can not take away the superb success Bitcoin has seen, there are two stocks that have actually enjoyed greater rises. Prices see a 1,000% jump! Certain stocks in Japan and India have experienced a year that is simply staggering in terms of their share price. First among them is Japanese firm Pepper Food Service Co who are a restaurant chain operating in the country. Specialising in the finest quality steaks and pork cutlets, this company has seen its share price jump from around $100 million to $1 billion in 2017. The other company that has given Bitcoin the slip is Indiabulls Ventures Ltd. As the name suggests, they are trading on the Indian stock exchange and mainly deal in online securities trading. Expansions on developing its consumer lending business this year have seen their stock rise by a huge 1,162% to date. Figures like this are stunning and really give Bitcoin a run for its money as the big financial story of the year. Other stocks have had a fantastic year too There are also another couple of firms who have enjoyed 2017 too. First is the China Investment Bank which trades from the wonderful city of Hong Kong. Holding stakes in gold mines and auto parts companies in mainland China, they have also witnessed prices rise by 1,000% plus this year. India's HEG Ltd have also seen similar big gains in their market value this year. Trading in the graphite electrode market that allows electric arc furnaces to work, they have seen massive gains and their business grow as a result. Bitcoin stands tall still Although the above companies have all made bigger gains than Bitcoin so far in 2017, it is debatable as to if they make the better story. It must be remembered that Bitcoin is not only making big news with its market value but also for being a truly ground-breaking digital currency. These two factors combined surely still mean that the cryptocurrency dominates the end of year news for 2017.

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