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The Price of Ethereum surpasses $440, up 5,500% this year
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The Price of Ethereum surpasses $440, up 5,500% this year

Ethereum is making its own headlines recently as it’s price went over $440. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that also performs as a platform for decentralised apps and has often been seen as Bitcoin’s little brother but with a 30% price rise in one week alone it is stepping out of the considerable shadow left by Bitcoin. A few weeks ago one of the most well-known of Ethereum wallets, Parity, froze $150 million of Ether due to a bug, which caused the price to drop suddenly. Normally we see the price rises and falls of Ethereum and Bitcoin mirroring each other to a large extent but post July this year Bitcoins price has left Ethereum behind until recently. Ethereum has now caught up again after these latest rallies. In fact if you look at this year Ethereum has seen more growth than Bitcoin with the price back in January being just $8 for 1 Ether. Bitcoin investor Mike Novogratz thinks there is more growth to come, even this year. He predicts a value of $500 by the end of the year. Ethereum has been rumoured to be getting its own derivatives and with lots of new crowdfunding events coming that are run on the Ethereum platform there could be a lot of mileage left in this Ethereum price hike.

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