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Control your Data with Nuggets

Why nuggets

* Retake control of your private – and valuable – personal data
* Only share your data when you choose, on your terms – with real value
* Self-sovereign identity, without losing the services you love
* Atomise the corporate data silos
* Revolutionize how personal data is kept

Nuggets gives power back to the people, enabling ‘self-sovereign identity’ on a mass scale. And it frees companies from the burden of storing and protecting millions of customer records. Nuggets is building a consumer blockchain platform giving users a single biometric tool for login, payment and identity verification, without sharing or storing private data. In the future a scenario in which biometrics becomes a dual-factor type of authentication in the advancement of privacy is becoming more and more likely. Nugget’s main goal is to keep the transactional value as the only value that’s stored on business servers. The safety of a user’s identification is in the hands of the user alone for the transaction.

How will this work

Nuggets, users create a secure ‘personal cloud’ of data in zero-knowledge blockchain storage. Not even Nuggets can access this data. Nuggets technology paves the way for self-sovereign identities and placing power back in the hands of the individual. In an era where information breaches have become all too commonplace, Nuggets will remove the need for trust in transactions and allow individuals to retain their rights as a consumer and transactor.Now the user can decide if and when they want to share data and do so on their own terms.

The team

Nuggets founders Alastair Johnson and Seema Khinda Johnson are former global directors at Skype and Microsoft with significant digital innovation experience and deep knowledge across technical production, large-scale commercialization and product development.

This article does not constitute advice and is for informational purposes only.

The author may have relationship now or on the future with Nuggets.


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