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Coinbase, where is Your Customer Service!

Coinbase, where is Your Customer Service!
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As a writer for CryptoDaily and advocate for cryptocurrency I deal with many Exchanges and Coinbase must have been the worst. I recently had problems with Bitstamp email notification system. Basically, it was taking more than an hour to send the email confirmation and cancelling the transaction. Very annoying and as it turned out cost me money. However, after a support ticket and replied to within 12 hours saying the issue had been fixed I shrugged it off as one of those things. Fair enough, not ideal but at least they replied. With Coinbase their system said I need to register a new device before I can get access to the account. Even though I have done it before I thought, fair enough this should not be a problem. I checked my email and no confirmation link, so I tried again. After 3 attempts, I reverted to my email settings. Luckily, I have my own server setup so I turned off all spam protection. Again, no email so I then reverted to the support. I sent two emails, a week apart asking for help and I received no reply. I did wonder if it was my email address and the email was not getting through, then I spot an email from Coinbase. Success I thought, so excitedly I opened the email to find they are increasing my amount of money I can add to the account. That’s very useful when you can’t access your account! So there does not seem to be any issue with emails getting through and I had whitelisted the domain on my server for good measure. I am now back to thinking the support is non-existent. So, I sent another email to support and again no reply. Ok, I thought what next, I looked around and found support on their Twitter. This is the outcome. This was done 3 weeks ago and still no reply. To say I am annoyed is an under estimation. I have to think this is not a one off so I invite you all to vent your anger with me and comment your stories and then maybe their customer service will improve because at the moment it seems missing in action.

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