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Amazing Things Happening with Bitcoin, fancy A full set of Retro Games. Just 1.6 Bitcoins!

I like to browse the local ads for retro gaming items. It just takes me back to fond memories of Jet Set Willy on the Zx Spectrum with its sexy rubber keys or maybe you are more of a Resident Evil fan on the PS1. That moment the dog jump through the mirror, I literally soiled my pants.

As I was looking through the ads there was one ad in particular that caught my eye. A full set of PS2 games, 2500 in total. This made me look and to my surprise they were asking for payment in Bitcoins.

This to me is a game changer (Pardon the pun), if the general public are starting to embrace buying and selling with crypto currency, the tide is changing. Obviously, this person is involved in the trading of bitcoins but it was still an eye opener.

Item for sale:

What next? I have heard rumours of Amazon looking at accepting Bitcoins which would in my opinion drive up the price two or 3 times its current rate if it ever came to fruition. I think this is a while off yet but we can all dream of a future where this becomes a reality.

If you are interested in what 2500 ps2 games look like and why wouldn’t you have a look at this video. (About 2m 50) or watch it all if you like man caves. It’s pretty Cool!


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