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The Stayabit token protocol is a better, easier, faster and more reliable way for the rental industry to simplify payments, credit scoring, security deposit escrows and loyalty programs. The company founder is Janine Yorio, the former head of real estate development for Standard Hotels. The CTO is Brett Woodward, a blockchain engineer who previously worked at AppNexus and graduated from Wharton.



Stayabit Tokens may be used in the Stayawhile network by the holder in the following ways:

  • Payment
  • Booking Priority
  • Discounts
  • Collateral
  • Voting
  • Memberships
  • Credit Scoring

Stayabit is a standard ERC-20 token that will be used on a blockchain platform for the trillion dollar apartment rental industry. Anyone interested in learning more can check out the site for their TGE!

Disclaimer: this article does not constitute as investment advice or recommend participating in any crowd sales or Initial Coin Offerings and is for informational purposes only.

The author is an advisor on the stayabit project.

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James Sowers is a Korean-American businessman and philanthropist. He is a former singer/songwriter who was abandoned at birth who had his music career tragically ended by a reckless driver in a car accident. He is currently Co-host of Exploring The Block.