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The Freelancer Tribunal is born

The Freelancer Tribunal is born
Coinlancer is an Ethereum based platform where freelancers and clients connect remotely through smart contracts. On Coinlancer, clients post job opportunities and job seekers avail the same. Payments for a job offer are made in CL token once the rules set in the smart contracts are met. Similar to Upwork, Fiverr and etc. Freelancers have to register on the platform once it is live (November 15, 2017). The client finds the freelancer and assigns him work. After it is done, the payment is made from Escrow (already deposited by the client). Its main features include fast & secure payments, low transaction fee, 20+ cryptocurrencies accepted from the client, identity theft elimination, elimination of fake reviews, and unbiased dispute resolution. Once a fee is agreed upon by a client and a freelancer, additional 3% platform fee is deposited by the client in the Coinlancer escrow system. The fee is released on successful completion of the project and 3% is held by the platform. In case of a dispute, the dispute is referred to the Freelancers Tribunal. The 3% platform fees will be paid in Coinlancer tokens. The protocol design uses smart contract based escrow mechanism, creating a platform fair to both clients and freelancers. Coinlancer aims to reinvent the freelancing community, using latest blockchain technology and virtual currencies. So why Coinlancer? Freelancer accounts are often suspended on account of violating platform policies. The reasons for such suspensions have always been ambiguous and can range from sending too many proposals to prospective clients to inability to obtain projects due to poor matched skills. In most cases, reinstating of user accounts is a cumbersome process. Also, one of the main reasons freelancing projects fail is due to lack of support on such traditional platform. Contrary to traditional freelancing platforms, no unannounced suspensions occur on Coinlancer. The Freelancers Tribunal decides on accounts that are deemed violative and fairly decides on it. The subjectivity of work on a freelancing platform often calls for discrepancies in opinions and settlements in disputes. A typical freelancing platform does not guarantee such settlements. The dispute settlements often involve surplus arbitration costs and unfavorable binding decisions, which may not be in the best interest of a freelancer. On Coinlancer, the discretion to decide on the arbitration of disputes lies with the Freelancers Tribunal. Every Freelancer within the tribunal is mandatorily a freelancer with a high- profile ranking, preferably a 4 Star Applicant, eligible to decide on matters of arbitration. Are you interested in learning more? You can utilize the following resources to research this project. Learn more about Coinlancer:
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