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Cheaper Graphic Cards on the Horizon for Mining

Cheaper Graphic Cards on the Horizon for Mining
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Graphic card giants Nvidia and AMD are believed to be aiming to sell a stripped-down crypto-specific graphics card. The demand led by Bitcoin miners has bolstered sales in recent years. Other graphic card manufacturers are also looking push their products specifically designed for mining. According to AMD is seeing an increase in demand due to mining and many US stores are sold out. Nvidia are also seeing shortages but as they are more expensive most opt for the cheaper AMD cards. Obviously, the gaming market remains the long term priority for graphic card manufacturers. So it does seem a sensible approach to build cards for the different markets. Reports released from Digitimes mention both Nvidia and AMD to release GPUs specifically designed for bitcoin mining at reduced costs. Its not reported what is actually been removed, but the HDMI or Display ports have been pointed out as potential reductions to bring the price down. Another reason to split the product between gaming and mining is that history says when the bitcoin mining tails off there is a flooding of the market of second hand high end cards. This can have a substantial effort on sales.  

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